Steel for the construction

 Formed DN iron

 Rounded smoth iron

Electric welded melsh

Agriculture wires

 High resistence oval and round wire

 Medium strength oval wire

Barbed wire

Baling wire

 Quadrangular and rhomboid woven wire

 Metal poles

Sticks for suspended wiring

Heat insulators and acoustic absorbents

Spun glass

 Kraft paper spun glass

Aluminum foil spun glass

Commercial wires

Crude wire

Annealed wire

Galvanised wire

Commercial Bars and Profiles

 Round laminated bars

 Square laminated bars

 Hexagonal laminated bars



 U profiles

 T profiles

Double T profiles

Pipes with sewing

 Black galvanised pipes ASTM A53

Black pipes for gas pipelines

Black pipes for gas networks

Black pipes covered in epoxy

Beads for pretensed

2 ans 3 wire beads made of steel relieved of tension


 Cold-laminated smooth plates

 Hot-laminated smooth plates

 Galvanised coated steel plates: flat and shaped

 Zinc coated steel plates: flat and shaped

Pre-painted coated steel plates: flat and shaped

Translucent plates

Shaped profiles of U and CT plates


Portland concrete composite

Portland concrete confiller

Regular portland concrete

 Cal y Hercal

Electrodes and Wires for Welding

Structural Tubes:


Hot and cold laminated

Hot and cold square

Hot and cold rectangular