Our company is situated on National Road Nº 9, at 556 Km., in Villa María city, Córdoba province, Argentina. Since 1976, it has traded siderurgical materials, such as cold and hot laminated sheets, galvanized sheets, cincalum, profiles, construction industry iron, electrodes, pipes, etc. It has positioned itself as a leader in the metallurgical industry in the center of the country.

In the 80’s, we added the process of sheet cut and fold as well as the manufacturing of industrial facilities. Later on, in the year 1993, we also started the manufacturing of semitrailers and trailers.

In 1994, we launched the NORCO S.A. project. This company located in Villa Mercedes city, in San Luis province has joined CORMETAL Industries S.A.

In 1999 we designed a container chassis that was patented in U.S.A. and today this product is exported to that country. Besides, we have also manufactured special transportation units which were customized to meet our clients’ widest needs.

In May 2002 we certified our Quality System based on the I.S.O. 9001/2000 Standard.

Our company has also been granted the Model Configuration License issued by the Production Ministry. Industrial facilities that cover up to 7,000 square meters in Villa María, Córdoba and 2,000 square meters in Villa Mercedes, San Luis are necessary to carry out our daily activities.

They are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including guillotines and folding machines with numerical control, gantries, bridge cranes from 3 to 10 tons, mig., tig. welding systems, very modern painting machines (air less system), pantograph with optical reader used for cutting material of up to 200 mm thick and for plasma cutting, cut and iron train for sheet coils of up to 3.20 mm thick, etc. In our Technical Office there are planners and engineers working on structural calculus together with a permanent staff made up of 70 members.

Nowadays, CORMETAL S.A.’s challenge to face the future is built upon two essential assets: a determined innovative spirit and the concept of quality as a leading principle throughout the whole productive process.


to be the leading company in the national and worldwide market in the manufacturing of trailers and semitrailers.

To be known for having high quality standars and innovative products.

To be the leading company in our region in cut and fold plates. Promoting team work and looking for the company and the society welfare, caring for the environment and being socially responsible.


To develop a strong and transparent company with high professional standars, working on the continuous improvement of productive processes.

We are commited to have a great relationship with our clients and suppliers; taking care of the environment and searching for the highest profits for the stockholder, the company and the society.


Our values portray our identity and beliefs to all the people in Cormetal Industries S.A. We are honest and transparent, always looking to innovate and adapt ourselves to changes. Promoting team work, projecting trust and loyalty to our partners and work. Commitment and responsability are our main values, always looking to satisfy our clients expectations.

  • HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY: honesty, to be coherent between what you think, feel and do. Transparency; to give continuous information, truthful, clear and objective. To communicate in an open and sincere way.
  • INNOVATOR – ADJUSTMENT TO CHANGES: we are constantly searching the opportunities to improve our products and services to satisfy our clients requirements. We try to adapt ourselves to the constant changes in the environment and give new solutions.
  • MUTUAL CONFIDENCE – LOYALTY: we prioritize team work creating an environment of trust and mutual confidence. Trust is for us, the fact that each person in Cormetal will work in their best possible way, proving honor and gratitude in every assigment they realize inside the company.
  • COMMITMENT AND RESPONSABILITY: we are commited to a strong work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as working with the social and cultural laws. We are commited in the development and growth of our staff.


  • Address : Ruta Nac. Nº 9 Km. 556, Villa María, Córdoba

  • Central House, Phone: +54 353 4610900 Fax: 0800 5550148

  • Trailers, Phone: +54 353 4619170 Fax: + 54 353 4619170